A laterally shifting patella changed my life!

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

Yup. A kneecap caused a powerful directional life change. It took me from pilot to pilates. It created a new genre of workout and birthed a brand that would essentially reveal and embody my life’s purpose.

One unstable, unbalanced knee.

Ironically, I feel that my unbalanced knee and the resultant affect the Reformer machine had on it is, 15 years on, still the result thousand and thousands gain from it every day.

Let me explain.

My knee injury stemmed from years and years of running hard. Literally and metaphorically.
I was a high achieving over achiever. You know them. You might be one.

But eventually the going hard and going fast creates a crack. An imbalance. The lack of yin to the yang. The lack of pause to the push. It takes it’s toll. No matter how wonder-woman you are.

So in 2000, I found myself rehabbing an unstable, injured knee upon the most obscure, unusual machine I had ever seen. The ‘Universal Reformer’.

And whilst sceptical, it...

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